A little work and then a little bit of cooking

Life is good. Seriously. Sometimes a man has to stop for a minute and look around. Recognize the terrain around him for what it is, and fully appreciate the good things.

Last week I worked on a job with some wonderful people. In my business, crews come and go. They whisk into town, spread around some money and are gone without another word. That is fine. Sometimes though you are able to make friends. A quick rapport is struck between professionals of like mind. The job becomes that much more enjoyable.

I took a few photos.

(r to l) Per, Ariel, Michelle, Carrie, Lesley, Laura, me, Bill, Randy, and Eric. John of course is taking the photo.

A good attitude is contagious. John is ever the optimist.

Carrie and Michele mugging for the camera in the Alpenglow.

Eric and Bill have had their job stolen by all this amazing light.

On the last morning of shooting we ended up at the toe of the Knik Glacier. Like I said before, life is good.

No matter how much fun a job is, they are almost always exhausting. We worked from before sunrise to well after sunset. With a shoot window straddling the Autumnal Equinox, that meant at least 14-15 hour days. So when the job was finished, I was looking to relax and spend a little time finding my center in the kitchen.

I purchased some beef bones for a recipe that I will blog on later. They looked so good that I had to pull out a couple to use for a little snack while I used the rest for stock. Roasted bone marrow is one of those recipes that I have been wanting to try for some time. While looking around I came across this recipe from My Madison Bistro.

I did what I could to duplicate her efforts given my time and ingredient limitations. Mine were soaked in 3 changes of saltwater over about 4 hours. I also didn’t have any ancho chile powder so I used toasted New Mexico Red chiles ground up in the spice grinder. The rinsed bones were dried and then topped with salt, pepper, chile powder, and brown sugar.

Roast in a pre-heated 425F oven for about 15-20 minutes. I eyeballed these a few times and pulled out before the sugar went black.

I like the color the chile powder and the caramelized sugar give to the normally bland grey bone marrow. Didn’t have any baquette so I toasted up some 7 grain. It really is that simple.

The sweet/spicy combination is outstanding. That mixes with a rich buttery saltiness that only dead cow can produce. If you ever have access to marrow bones, you have to try this. I can’t help but point out that this is a 3 star caliber appetizer with less than 4 ingredients ( not counting s&p ). Not all gourmet food is complicated.


~ by climbhighak on October 4, 2009.

13 Responses to “A little work and then a little bit of cooking”

  1. i bought some gorgeous beef shanks a few weeks ago. cooking for a somewhat picky eater prompted me to merely cut the meat off the bone and freeze the bones w/marrow for a later date. *cough* it’s a later date. i was going to braise the bones/marrow and do ye old toast points..but this presentation is far easier/faster and i can still haz toast points (better get the secret toast recipe from yasmin, though..can’t be too careful with those complex recipes)

    always outstanding photos, robert.

  2. Robert wonderful work and marrow bones are such a treat and undervalued. Your bones look top-notch and must of been delicious. Believe it or not I have a set of marrow bone forks designed just for eating marrow from the bones. Great photos of the ‘crew’ also. Always a great treat to visit your blog. Audax

  3. My God you live in a beautiful place.

    I had a Japanese housemate recently, taught her to suck the marrow out of a joint, as good as oysters 🙂

  4. The photos of the crew are nice and that glacier is amazing! Your recipe takes me home as usual. I haven’t had bone marrow in decades, not since my dad was alive. It looks delicious.

  5. I can not get over how unbelievably beautiful your environment is!!! My god, it is gorgeous! The bone marrow looks pretty good too 😀

  6. Wow! I love that photo from the glacier. Simply gorgeous.

  7. yum! those marrows looks appetizing..i can only imagine the taste. i love bone marrows, it spreads and taste like butter even better and w/ your addittional flavorings..yummy! Love the crew pics as well!

  8. I have been eyeing bones every time I go to 3 Bears but haven’t given this a whirl yet. It sure sounds like a great rainy game day munchy. I might have to give these a try today.

    Looks great Robert!

  9. Those marrow bones look ridiculously good.

    Dead cow is amazing. I had brisket for lunch. So buttery!

  10. I always think my mum makes the best bone marrow dish, but these look so good!

  11. How decadent!

  12. Hi Robert! Somehow I missed this post – what incredible beauty! Alaska is at the top of my list within the next year, hopefully, and I’ll have to contact you for recommendations when the time comes closer. The marrow bones look incredible also – nice touch with the chile powder. I made some Hatch New Mexico green chile sauce last night for a sous vide pork belly dish for our Halloween party!

  13. i LOVE YOUR BLOG AND MISS ALASKA!I was raised in Valdez.I spent 25 years in Alaska…really miss Anchorage..thank for your blog…

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