Elk Sliders

Not sure how blogworthy this is, but it is definitely bellyworthy. After food blogging for so many years, I often catch myself trying to one up the previous blogs. Always doing more complicated or time consuming recipes and neglecting simple, tasty, easy to cook food. Well this one puts a halt to that faulty mentality. 

Here we have a super easy and quick burger you will make over and over. I have access to Elk, but Bison or Buffalo would work just as well. They are leaner and healthier than most versions of ground beef. I seasoned simply with Montreal steak seasing and then mixed it up with my hands. Shape golfball sized pieces into small patties with a big thumbprint well in the center.

I was going for a mushroom and swiss kind of thing, so on the stove I caramelized some cremini and button mushrooms in butter.

Now on to the grill. I actually let the grill heat up on high and then turn down to medium when I put the burgers on. This helps give good grill marks but reduces flareups. For medium rare these went about 3 minutes per side. At 2 minutes on the second side I put the fontina cheese on to melt.

For sliders I am a huge fan of these delicious potato dinner rolls. Brush them with a little melted butter and toast on the grill as the cheese melts. Then bring it all inside and assmeble.

With these I just go for a little whole grain mustard, fontina cheese, and the caramelized mushrooms. I have to say it is a simple yet outstanding combination.


~ by climbhighak on April 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Elk Sliders”

  1. I’ve never tried elk before. Here in Michigan I have access to a lot of venison, which I just used in a meatloaf as well as a few other recipes over the winter. I definitely agree, it’s tempting to only post “fancy” recipes but there’s a reason the classics are the classics!

  2. those look gorgeous; do you have any troubles with dried out burgers due to the lower fat content?

    • You really have to keep them rare or medium rare. Any farther than that and the meat will dry out. Also, don’t ever squish the burgers with a spatula to flatten them out.

  3. I love it, gonna have to pick me up some elk. I found a butcher in Los Gatos I’m pretty sure they sell frozen ground elk. I can’t wait to try cooking with it, and as always your food looks beautiful. Cheers.

  4. Oh My Goodness. I have made several different renditions of elk sliders and they are by far amazingly flavorful but then again all elk meat is pretty tasty. I’ll have to make these and share with folks on my site. Thank you for sharing!

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