Grilled Fish Tacos

Now most people would think this is a Southern California kind of thing. Well maybe it is, but they have been a go to recipe up here for so long that they seem Alaskan.

These are also one of those meals that turn out different every time. It kind of depends on the season, your mood, and your available ingredients. I am going through last seasons halibut in anticipation of catching tons more this summer. I have also been eating up as much grilled sweet corn as I can get my hands on. So both play a big role here.

I started with schucking the corn. Then slather with butter, season with salt and pepper, and wrap with foil. Toss on a hot grill for about 25 minutes. I know this sounds like a long time but just be sure to turn several times so it doesn’t burn. You want a bit of char but not too much.

Then I put together a batch of pico de gallo with serranos, cilantro, sweet onion, pasilla, a little tomato, lime juice, salt, and pepper. The guacamole had some avocado, cilantro, pasilla, serrano, lime juice, salt, and pepper. For crunch I went with a bit of red cabbage.

Next was the fish. I seasoned simply with some salt, pepper, and just a bit of chile powder that was from guajillo and New Mexican red chiles. This went into my trusty fish basket thingy and on the grill until just cooked. You want it still moist. I also tossed on some flour tortillas at the end just to warm them up.

Now make some tacos and enjoy an Alaskan version of a Baja fish taco.

I take mine with all the fixin’s, a bit of sour cream, and dressed with just a squeeze of lime at the end.


~ by climbhighak on May 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Grilled Fish Tacos”

  1. That looks seriously yum – so craving fish tacos now!

  2. Yum, looks so yummy. Your photos are great. Saw the food photo on T.S.-immediately attracted to all the colors i was!

  3. This so. cal. girl will go for a fish taco anytime, especially one of these, YUM!

    • My sister is in So Cal and so I know where these really come from. But there is just so much halibut to cook up here that they really have become an Alaskan staple.

  4. Those fish tacos look really good!


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