Halibut Two Ways

This will be my first ever blog done completely on my Hero phone. So go easy on me.

Kyle and I brought a stack of halibut to fry for dinner down in Soldotna. He was sharp eyed enough to spot an entire 3+lb package of halibut CHEEKS!!!. If you don’t know already, they are the very best part of the fish. More like a scallop than a flaky piece of whitefish.


I also prepped flour, egg, and panko that was all seasoned with s&p, paprika, and lemon pepper.


The cheeks were quickly seared in a giant steel skillet with some butter right over the campfire.


The regular halibut was gently fried until golden brown but still moist on the inside.



Halibut cheeks are out of this world tasty.


~ by climbhighak on May 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Halibut Two Ways”

  1. Those halibut cheeks look so good. We haven’t caught any halibut yet this year. Went out of Whittier over Memorial Weekend and got 45 lbs of shrimp tails! I did a post on my blog if you want to read about it. I’ll be following ways you might cook seafodd for some new ideas.

  2. very cool find with the fish cheeks!

  3. Oh, man..what I would give for a basket of those panko fried halibut cheeks, a bottle of hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon. Also, was just drooling over your carnitas entry – again. Mine didn’t look half as good!

    that said, although I have a facebook account, II haven’t used it. I’m the anti-facebook, twitter et al of them all. I suppose I’m just happy with the people in my life right now and don’t feel the need to ‘reconnect’ (Disconnections sometimes occur with good reason) or tell people I’m currently on the toilet lol. Regardless, I will check out the Chefs United group there..thanks for the heads up!

    • I understand the FB hesitation. The panko halibut was from regular filets. The cheeks were all done with s&p in butter in that steel skillet.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know you can buy only the cheeks!

    • These cheeks weren’t bought. My friend Kyle had a bag of just cheeks saved from last summer. Last night I used up a much smaller bag of fresh, never frozen cheeks that I scored while halibut fishing over the weekend.

      I first sauteed some bacon and proscuitto until crisp and removed. Then seared the cheeks in the pork fat and removed. Then sauteed some garlic and then deglazed with white wine. That was reduced a bit. Added in some butter and then finished a bit of Spaghetti in that pan sauce until al dente. Also tossed back in the bacon, pancetta, and cheeks along with some fresh parsley. Out of this world delicious.

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